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Reconstruction and construction of the Imam Al-Bukhari Memorial Complex

National Research University "MPEI" in Tashkent

Construction of the HUMO ARENA multifunctional ice complex

A multifunctional ice complex "HUMO ARENA" is designed to hold official events, competitions, exhibitions and concerts of international level in Tashkent.

Construction of a tourist center in Samarkand

The goal of the construction of the complex is to expand tourism infrastructure, develop and diversify the economy of the region and the republic as a whole, as well as build a modern and innovative future, including the protection of ecology and preservation of the historical heritage of Uzbekistan.

Construction of a new terminal at Samarkand International Airport

The goal of the new airport terminal is to create an international air hub, develop the tourist potential of the region, improve the quality of service and expand the range of services provided by the airport.