Sustainable development

Main / Environmental protection


Concern for the environment is integral to Enter Engineering's corporate culture and ensures our sustainable development. To prevent adverse environmental impacts, the Company has policies to ensure optimum environmental protection, the preservation and restoration of natural resources, including continuous improvement of processes and labor conditions for our employees and partners.
During project construction and implementation, we adhere to the environment protection requirements and principles by: 

- Entering contracts for disposal, and recycling and demercuration of waste generated from operations;
- Equipping construction sites with advanced washing facilities for vehicles;
- Watering construction sites and adjacent roads to reduce dust generation from traffic during dry weather periods;
- Internal audit under ISO 14001 Level 3 Operational Controls;
- Mitigating adverse environmental impacts via monitoring and preventing emissions pollution; the rational use of natural resources and recycling operational waste;
- Promoting respect to the environment, strengthening employees’ responsibility for environmental protection, optimum operating practices and training for staff;
- Community interaction on environmental issues;