Health and safety

The Health Care Service was established in Enter Engineering in 2013.  It operates under the HSE Department, employs 92 health care professionals and runs 32 health care stations and six clinics. Health care stations at construction sites are staffed by highly educated physicians and medical assistants; providing outpatient care, pre-hospital emergency and urgent care, and various preventive, sanitary and anti-epidemic activities.

Medical staff conduct daily, pre-trip medical examinations of drivers. 3,000 drivers daily undergo examinations, and only those in good health are permitted to work.  Physicians also complete periodic medical examinations of Company employees.

Emergency medical care is provided, and in more serious cases, special-purpose medical facilities are accessible and available.
Medical stations have high stocks of materials and medicines. The Company also has extensive sanitary and epidemic control measures, including sanitation level monitoring, contact tracing for any infected workers, and rapid information sharing about any epidemiological issues. 

There are six Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICU) equipped with three channel ECG recorders, a glucose meter, a portable mechanical aspirator, a reducer inhaler with oxygen cylinders, incubation tubes and laryngoscope, a compression nebulizer machine, a defibrillator, an intensive care kit for adults, a fracture immobilization splint kit , a collar splint kit for adults and a first aid kit with a laryngoscope.

Health care professionals control sanitation conditions in food areas, monitor food products quality, and control meal quality. Samples from all meals are regularly analyzed.  In disease outbreak scenarios, meal samples will be delivered to the regional Sanitary and Epidemiological Authority for examination.