Psychology training sessions continue


A series of psychology master classes continues in Bunyodkor office. They are held on the initiative of PR-department of Enter Engineering group of companies in cooperation with the international educational center of practical psychology New WAY.

The topics addressed at the recent sessions for the company specialists were: “How to improve communication in a team" and “Conflict management. Ways and methods of resolving conflicts”. The sessions were conducted by Elena Khushvakova, a practical psychologist, family counsellor, member of the Association of Psychologists of Uzbekistan.

“Disputes and negative situations are not uncommon among co-workers due to constant contact with each other," explained Elena Khushvakova. “In order to improve the psychological climate among colleagues and foster corporate culture, managers at all levels need to conduct certain practical conflict resolution exercises from time to time. Nowadays skillful conflict management is one of the key professional competences. Timely prevention of conflict manifestations and their correct settlement are of utmost importance. I would like to note that conflict management trainings are aimed at constructively solving problems rather than avoiding them.”

In the course of the sessions team discussions were organized during which the trainees performed practical tasks and participated in role-playing games. The correct sequence of the sessions (theory - demonstration - practice - discussion) made it possible to keep the audience's attention throughout the whole process. The participants mastered constructive ways of resolving conflicts, determined their physical and psychological boundaries with the help of various exercises, and learned how to adequately respond to critical remarks and reprimands.

Elena Maratovna also noted that after completion of sessions many trainees give her their constructive feedback, ask her advice on how to behave in certain situation, not only at work, but also at home, in relationships with relatives and friends.

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