The implementation of the project on construction of Tashkent Branch of Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI) is heading down the finishing straight in Almazar district of the capital.

Today, we have a state-of-the-art higher education complex erected at the place of former banking college. It will allow to organize good quality education process up to the highest educational standards. The Client of the project is OOO Directorate for Construction No. 4, the General Contractor is Enter Engineering. Construction and installation works started in 2021. Over 180 personnel and 20 units of equipment and vehicles were engaged at different stages. 


We visited the site and had a look at the current progress of works. Two existing buildings have been completely transformed. They have been renovated and look very modern now. These buildings currently accommodate an academic block and a laboratory. In addition, three new buildings have been constructed: a hotel for teachers, a dormitory for students and a sports and health center. An athletic field has also been erected there. The infrastructure of the future university has also been upgraded with electronic video surveillance systems installed around the territory and a face recognition system at the entry checkpoint. A new, larger capacity transformer will allow avoiding power outages in the future.


“Equipping the facilities in line with up-to-date requirements was of utmost priorities in the course of project implementation,” explained chief specialist of preproduction department Umar Mirzayev, “all premises, including classrooms, laboratories, canteen, kitchen and lodgings for teachers and students, are provided with necessary furniture, equipment and household appliances. The sports complex includes an indoor gymnasium and a swimming pool. In addition, much attention has been paid to landscaping of the adjacent territory: hardscape elements installed, walkways laid, trees and ornamental bushes planted.”

Tashkent Branch of MPEI will be shortly commissioned, and the future power engineers will receive their intramural training there.