Construction of BCS-6 completed


Gazli field in Bukhara region, which recently celebrated its 65th anniversary, has attracted all the country’s attention these days when the new booster compressor station - 6 (BCS-6) was started-up. This important event will definitely contribute to strengthening of industrial power of Uzbekistan.

BCS-6 has become another successful project implemented by Enter Engineering Group. Through the joint efforts of Enter Engineering specialists all commissioning and installation works at Booster Compressor Station - 6 have been completed in a quality and timely manner. The construction was conducted within the framework of Gazli Underground Gas Storage Facility Expansion Project along with the activities on additional exploration and development of gasiferous horizons and oil rims of the field. Gazli Gas Storage JV LLC acted as the client of the Project, and UzLITI Engineering acted as the design contractor.

It should be noted that the last two weeks were very busy in almost every area of the station, which covers as much as12 hectares. In parallel to the main processes, roads and utility areas were underway. At the peak of the construction period, the number of workers and specialists amounted up to 2000 people and around 300 items of various special machinery were engaged.

The start-up of this facility will increase the hydrocarbons compression up to 20.0 mln m3/day, which will be provided by two 40 MW Gas Compressor Units supplied by SIEMENS Energy (Germany). At the moment, the booster compressor station is ready to work in the operational mode at the design capacity. Additional natural gas production gain is targeted through the increase of pressure which is now falling under due to reservoir depletion. Moreover, the Station will lay the groundwork for further processing and transportation of feedstock to the downstream processing facilities. Comfortable conditions have also been provided for the specialists who will maintain the facility. Excellent accommodation facilities, operator's room, canteen and other social amenities are already available. 

Thanks to the efforts of many thousands of Enter Engineering employees we now have a modern industrial facility with state-of-the-art equipment up to the highest international standards. 


On the eve of the spring festival of Novruz, at the very heart of the Kyzylkum desert, a new light has been lit to mark another place of subsoil riches on the map of Uzbekistan.


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