Enter Steel: localization is a promising direction


As world practice shows, localization of production fully justifies the funds and resources spent for its organization. The projects implemented by the Enter Engineering Group of Companies are also actively working to create enterprises that produce products and construction materials at the expense of their own resources and capacities.

A striking example of this work was the launch of a branch of the Enter Steel plant — Enter Steel Almalyk LLC, on the construction project of copper concentrator 3 (MOF-3) on the basis of AGMK. Due to this, logistics costs for the supply of necessary metal structures have been significantly reduced and the pace of construction work has accelerated. Today, the company has a production workshop, which has modern technological equipment for welding and cutting metal, processing and assembling products (Voortman line).

In parallel, the construction of a second workshop is underway, where large-sized structures, in particular, products of mill equipment for crushing ore, will be assembled. After its launch, the plant will be able to reach the planned production capacity and produce several thousand tons of metal structures, as well as about 4 pcs. ball mills per year. It is worth noting that the latest lines will be installed in it, the use of which will ensure world-class quality.

The equipment is purchased from such well-known manufacturers as Metso Outotec and Thyssen Krupp. Two overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of 150 tons (Enter Steel's own production) will also be installed, which currently have no analogues in our country. As a result, the plant will fully meet the needs of the construction of MOF-3, which will greatly simplify logistics processes, delivery of non-standard products in size. The total number of employees of the enterprise will be more than 1000 people.

— The area of the main room of the ball mill workshop, excluding the extension, will be 8730 m2, — says Alexey Mikov, a specialist of the static equipment group and responsible for the construction of the workshop from the Directorate of Mechanical Engineering Enter Engineering — At the moment, the foundation of the building has been arranged at the site: a pit has been dug, the grillage and monolithic reinforced concrete base with its waterproofing have been filled, glass-type bases for columns have been created, as well as backfilling of soil and sand with compaction has been carried out. Work is underway to fill support columns, concrete lintels, rough floors, as well as bases of complex shape for technological equipment.

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