Baysun GPP: works are being carried out as planned


The active phase of construction of the Baisun gas processing plant (GPP) continues in Surkhandarya region.

The project, orderer of which is «Surhan Gas Chemical Operating Company LLC», and the general contractor - Enter Engineering Group of Companies, provides construction of the GPP for annual processing of 5 billion m3 of natural gas with high content of CO2 and H2S, produced at the gas field "Mustaqillikning 25 yilligi".

The basic project was completed in October 2020. Currently, specialists of UzLITI Engineering are carrying out detailed design, the actual progress of which is 84%. Already issued custom specifications for the purchase of equipment and materials, drawings under the foundations of major equipment, racks, tanks, buildings and structures of the plant, as well as in the process of release the working documentation of the underground and aboveground piping, architecture of buildings and structures. Engineering designs for electrical and low-current systems, ventilation, air conditioning, infrastructure, storage and other facilities are being actively carried out.

Delivery of equipment of long-lead cycle according to licensing technologies of Shell Global Solutions International B.V. is being carried on (77 out of 108 units were delivered, among them are reactors, horizontal pumps, centrifugal compressors, steam boilers, cooling towers, etc.). There are 20 units on the way today, with the remaining 11 units in production. Along with this various equipment and materials for the gas processing plant and infrastructure facilities are being purchased and produced (orders have been placed for 40 of the 52 packages of SI-equipment, as well as tubular products and shaped elements of aboveground and underground pipelines, steel structures of trestle bridges, standby transformer substation, control system).

A large amount of work is being carried out on the construction of the GPP infrastructure. This applies both to the buildings of the administrative and residential sector (shift camp, operator's room, canteen, etc.) and technical facilities (maintenance and repair shop, laboratory, storage facilities, etc.). Preparation of the site for the fire depot, evaporation ponds, sulfur maps has started. Underground pipelines of fire fighting and cooling water supply are partially installed. Metal structures of trestles at sulfur production system units, vapor supply and steam condensate systems, wastewater treatment, main fiber-optic line and access road to the plant are being installed.

Large equipment is in the process of installation. Reactors, cooling column, absorbers, pumps, steam boilers are installed on foundations. Assembly of cooling tower, gas piston units and furnace was carried out. 2,263 specialists and 380 units of construction equipment are working at the construction site which extends over an area of 70 hectares.

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