It is under this motto that another charity blood donation campaign was held with the participation of Enter Engineering employees. It was organized with the active support and assistance of "Blood products" Research & Development enterprise ("Kon preparatlari") of Tashkent city. On May 12, a medical team of highly qualified medical personnel travelled in a specially equipped bus to one of the company's largest construction sites, MOF-3 (Copper Concentration Plant-3) at AMMC (Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex) in Tashkent region.

The MOF-3 medical building was set up in advance to ensure that the event could be held at a proper level. Employees who expressed a desire to donate blood had all the relevant tests passed and were counselled by hematologists of the medical team before donating blood. Only three of Enter Engineering's 91 employees were ineligible to participate for objective reasons, while 88 were selected successfully. The main motivation for all participants was a desire to help those in need of blood products and possibly save someone's life.

M.D. Zukhra Ibragimovna Ubaidullaeva, Director of "Blood products" Research & Development enterprise ("Kon preparatlari") of Tashkent city, expressed sincere gratitude to the Enter Engineering management and staff for their humanity and active citizenship, noting in particular that:

"Blood donation is a very responsible and noble cause, because it helps to save life and health of a huge number of children and adults who have suffered in accidents, suffered severe injuries, burns, lost a lot of blood as a result of accidents, and those in need of a various surgeries, including prosthetics, organ transplants, etc. In addition, blood donation is useful because it trains the body by sending a signal for self-rejuvenation, stimulation of hematopoiesis, and leads to improvement of the person’s emotional state.

The administration of our medical institution would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to the participants. To all those who have not remained indifferent to the grief of others and have given a piece of their blood to save someone else's life."

It should be recalled that this is not the first blood donation campaign involving the Enter Engineering team. As previously reported, on March 12 of this year, our employees took part in charity blood donation campaign, at the Republican blood transfusion center organized by Fakhrly inson foundation. This initiative of gratuitous blood donation and collection for the treatment of children with leukemia was supported by 94 employees of the company.

We intend to continue taking part in similar events in future and encourage everyone who is not indifferent to join this good deed. Together we can help people and save the world!