A charity event arranged by the Company's trade union


The international Day of Persons with Disabilities, which was established on December 3, 1992, reminds us once again of the importance of helping those around us. This day is yet another opportunity to bring the issues of people with disabilities to the forefront of public attention, and to recall the importance of respecting their rights in all aspects of public life.

The trade union committee of Enter Engineering also did its part by organizing a charity event to provide financial assistance to the families of the organization's members who raise children with various degrees of disability.

On a day preceding the event notifications and application forms were sent out to all company sites and projects so that any employee in need of financial support could contact the trade union committee.

As a result of this charity event, financial assistance was provided to 81 children. Trade union members made targeted visits to children from the remotest corners of our country who were unable to come with their families. The trade union committee provided financial assistance to four families of employees of the Samarkand Tourist Centre and UzGTL (Kashkadarya) projects, whose children received gifts and basic necessities.


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