Enter Engineering held a special campaign in secondary schools 273 and 288 of the capital


With the increasing number of cars, children's safety on the roads is becoming a more acute issue with every single day. According to the Oliy Majlis Senate, more than 500 children were injured in traffic accidents in Uzbekistan during the first half of 2021. On October 28, within the framework of the Memorandum signed between Enter Engineering and the Main Department of Road Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan, an event was held in Tashkent schools No. 273 and 288 to provide schoolchildren with reflective vests that make them more visible to drivers during periods of reduced visibility.

During the campaign, employees of Enter Engineering's PR department handed out more than 400 reflective vests to students of 3rd-7th grades who study in the second shift. The representatives of the Traffic Police, who also attended the event, told the children about the importance of wearing the vest and showed them how to use them properly.

Not only the children, but also the school teachers were delighted with the presents. "Since our school has a two- shift system, the second shift students have to go home late", says primary school teacher Gulchehra Kasymova. - When we found out that our students would be provided with reflective vests, we were very happy. Now we can have peace of mind about their safety on the roads. We are truly grateful to Enter Engineering for their care for our children.

Reflective vest fitted with grey tape, reflecting light rays at the point of least scattering, are considered the best means of preventing child injuries on the road.

They help drivers see school children in the dark and avoid accidents. According to the statistics, the use of special vests reduces the risk of accidents involving pedestrians by 3-5 times.


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