Our first guest was Oksana Chusovitina, a world-famous gymnast and the legend of Uzbek sports.

Oksana Chusovitina, who recently celebrated her 46th birthday, continues to amaze fans and experts. She still leaves behind her younger rivals in competitions, showing excellent results. Oksana Alexandrovna is the most recognizable athlete in our country and far beyond its borders. She is the only female athlete in Uzbekistan who has managed to repeatedly conquer the most honorable pedestals of international sports competitions. She is the 1992 Olympic champion in team competition, three-time world champion, European and Asian Games champion. Honored Master of Sports (1991). Chusovitina is the first active athlete in history, entered into the international Artistic Gymnastics Hall of Fame, listed in the Guinness World Records as the only participant of seven Olympic Games (1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016).

The Tokyo Olympics 2021, which started on July 23, is the eighth in the athlete's account. Despite a very busy schedule, Oksana Aleksandrovna gave an exclusive telephone interview from the Olympic Village in Japan.

- Oksana Aleksandrovna, how is the Olympics in Tokyo (Japan) going?

- Yesterday was the opening of the Olympics. The largest sporting event is well-organized, the village provides all the conditions for comfortable living and training, so I have no complaints against the organizers.

- Does the quarantine affect your winning spirit, as well as the fact that the Olympics is held without spectators and their support?

- You know, it is very difficult to perform without spectators, though I clearly feel their moral support. Athletes are all equal. We are very glad that the Olympics are being held this year, as there were fears that it could be postponed. Spectators watch and cheer for us on TV. Personally, I clearly feel the support of my compatriots, it gives me strength. Therefore, we tune in and do what we can.

- How do you schedule your day?

- We have a training schedule, because we all perform in different groups. The team follows this schedule. We do not leave the village. Actually, everything goes as usual, all the Olympics are held in the same mode.

- - What is the difference between the current Olympics and the previous ones?

- For me personally, these Games in Tokyo differ from my previous competitions because they are my final Olympics. After these competitions, I will finish my sports career. You know, I feel both joy and a little sadness, and it happens with all athletes. Therefore, my current jitters may be due to the fact that this is my last competition and I will never step on the platform again.

- - We saw a video in the Internet about a new discipline - men's rhythmic gymnastics, introduced at the Olympics...

- Just rumors. Men's rhythmic gymnastics has not yet been introduced into the Olympic disciplines and it will not be at the Olympics.

- - What inspires you to reach such heights?

- Like any athlete who has achieved some results, my love for sports helps me. I love gymnastics and give it my all. Always!

- Do you plan to coach after the end of your sports career? What qualities would you like to instill in young athletes?

- Young athletes need to be persistent and hardworking. They need to overcome their weaknesses and go towards the intended goal, and do not stop in any case, even if everything is very difficult. Every time, when you feel weak and want to give up, you need to take at least a small step towards achieving your dreams. Actually, these qualities are the basis of success in any field. After the Olympics, I want to have a rest with my family. Later I will think about the future. We'll wait and see, as the saying goes...

- Could you please wish something to our company?

- I have heard a lot about the projects of Enter Engineering. Creation and construction has always been considered a good deed. I want to wish the company prosperity and success. Always keep moving forward!

- - Thank you! Currently about twenty-five thousand people work in our company, and the entire team of the Enter Engineering Group of Companies is rooting for you. We wish you good luck in the competition! We hope that you will once again rise to Olympus, and we will see how high our flag is raised, and we will hear the anthem of Uzbekistan in your honor!