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Mission and strategy

Enter Engineering continues to strengthen its market position in Uzbekistan by executing large-scale projects in the oil and gas, industrial and civil construction sectors.

The Company is well-placed to maintain its leadership in the oil and gas market, and to expand its involvement in the energy and chemical sectors:

•    Established local presence, existing customers, and a reputation for technological expertise;
•    Close relationships with key market players;
•    Integrated approach to the construction cycle (from tender bidding to completion); 
•    Focus on all relevant parties involved early in the project planning process (suppliers, specialized workers, sub-contractors).

This leads to good project execution, and increased profitability. It also supports margins, good working capital/liquidity control, and reduced overall risk.

Infrastructure is another priority area, where Enter Engineering participates in projects for construction and modernization of roads and pipelines financed by international finance institutions.

Over the next five years, Enter Engineering will execute most of its projects in Uzbekistan. This is facilitated by progressive changes taking place in the country, which increases investment opportunities.


•    Enter Engineering’s diversification strategy (oil & gas industry, chemical and civil construction sectors), has helped maintain margins despite challenging market conditions;
•    The Company will focus on areas where it has competitive advantages such as a leading market position and an established reputation for quality/technical expertise;
•    Enter Engineering will aim to enter the power sector with other leading companies;
•    The Company will be selective, and carefully evaluate potential new markets.