Construction of Khartum gas gathering station is progressing


Currently Enter Engineering specialists realize a number of large projects practically in all regions of our country. Among them is the construction of the gas gathering station at Khartum field in Andijan region.
The general contractor for this project is Enter Engineering, and SANEG FE LLC is the client. 

“Construction activities started in early May this year, and the completion is scheduled for the end of the year, noted Mr. Shodlik Esenbaev, Field Engineering Manager. Though the area of the facility is relatively small, only 0.9 hectares, its significance for the socio-economic development of Uzbekistan is quite high. The general layout for the GGS site was developed based on the relevant regulatory documents. Highly reliable modern technologies and equipment are used, safety of employees and property is ensured. All process solutions are coordinated with the client”.

By now, the site has been fully arranged, some of the process equipment and flare facilities have been installed, and pipelines routed. Recently, the installation of CMP was completed. More than 25 highly qualified specialists and 8 units of special equipment (cranes, loaders, water truck) are involved in the construction. Comfortable living conditions have been created for the convenience of the personnel, and the work is organized on a rotational basis.

The Khartum field well is 2.450 meters deep and gas and gas condensate volumes will be in the range of 30 m3/day and 21 tons/day, respectively, once the unit is started and running.

The implementation of this project by Enter Engineering company will significantly increase the industrial potential of the region and create new jobs.


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