The Enter Engineering specialists are proceeding with the active phase of construction of Boysun Gas Processing Plant (BGPP) in Surkhandarya region.
The project, where Enter Engineering company acts as the general contractor, Surhan Gas Chemical Operating Company FC LLC is the client, and UzLITI Engineering is engaged in engineering, envisages the construction of GPP to process 5 BCMA of raw natural gas with high content of CO2 and H2S, produced at gas field “Mustaqilligning 25 yilligi”.

It is noteworthy that this project is one of the largest in the Enter Engineering's portfolio, and for its implementation significant human and material resources have been attracted, over 3500 specialists and 440 special equipment have been mobilized.

At present, the following activities are progressing on the site: construction of  foundations for facilities, racks, tanks and equipment; layout and rough finishing for the premises of the process buildings, and the installation of major process equipment and underground pipelines.

Infrastructure facilities are being actively constructed as well. In particular, the construction of the sales gas pipeline is being completed. Here, welding and installation of the gas metering unit is being finished, and the process areas are fitted with electrical wiring and small power systems. The sales gas pipeline is prepared for the provisional commissioning. Also, the pump station has been installed on the main source of water supply, and now pump piping is arranged. Finishing and installation of inside utilities in the buildings for operation personnel is at the final stage, and the adjacent territory is being improved. 

The start-up of the Boysun Gas Processing Plant will contribute significantly and strengthen the gas processing industry of Uzbekistan!