The memorial complex is getting its shape


Imam al-Bukhari Memorial Complex is being constructed in Payarik district of Samarkand region. 

The Engineering Company of Samarkand Regional Khokimiyat is a client, and   Enter Engineering company is acting as a contractor for this project. The design of the complex is created by O'zog'irsanoatloyiha. The implementation of the project started in 2021. The total area is 5.3 hectares (plus the hotel complex of 43 hectares). More than 400 specialists, including craftsmen, and 74 pieces of equipment are involved in the construction works.

Currently, the façade is being faced with marble, as well as decorative finishing of the interior is in progress. Also, electrical, ventilation, water supply and sewage, air conditioning and heating systems are being installed. The installation of the metal structures of the domes and the construction of the new museum is also going on.

It is worth saying that the implementation of the project will support and preserve the national culture, history and spiritual heritage of Uzbekistan. Once completed, pilgrims and guests will be able to visit the majestic architectural complex, which includes a mosque for 10,000 seats with a dome height of 47 meters and four minarets-columns of 74 meters each, one 4-star and two 3-star hotels, and 24 family guest houses, as well as renovated mausoleum with increased size - from 9x9 m to 13x13 m and a height of 29 m. The adjacent territory will be improved with a mini theme park, vending points, a parking lot, and other infrastructure. In addition, the previously existing historical elements and greenery will harmoniously fit into the future architectural ensemble. It is noteworthy that the centuries-old Plane trees are carefully preserved.

It is expected that the project will have a significant social effect, and create new jobs, improve the district infrastructure, and generate new business opportunities.

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