A new tank farm commissioned


Enter Engineering group of companies has completed the construction of another important infrastructure facility. A new petroleum products storage and distribution facility is now operating in the capital.     
As the result of conducted works a logistics hub has been established enabling prompt supply of gasoline and diesel fuel to consumers in Tashkent and Tashkent region. Daily sales are expected to amount to 1.5 ths tonnes.

Starting from 2021, in the course of implementation of the project by General Contractor Enter Engineering for the Client IP LLC SANEG the following has been constructed on the 4.9 ha site: six storage tanks for different grades of gasoline and diesel fuel of total capacity of 12 ths m3, railway track and facility for transfer of light petroleum products from rail tank cars equipped with bottom unloading device, pumping equipment to transfer fuel into gasoline tank trucks, industrial building with a control room for 30 people and a laboratory, as well as other process and auxiliary equipment. In addition, the Client has decided that the commissioned facility is to be complemented with an open goods and materials warehouse.

Auto-petrols of several grades and diesel fuel are already being delivered at the facility by rail tank cars and transferred into above ground tanks for storage and subsequent loading into gasoline tank trucks (39 vehicles currently engaged). All prerequisites have also been established for maintenance and repair of the petroleum depot equipment. Thus, delivery of products to filling stations is possible within one hour. 

“The specialists of Enter Engineering group of companies have conducted the work very efficiently.” remarked Farrukh Ergashev, Project Manager, “The commissioning of a new tank farm enables storing of extra quantities of petroleum products and significantly improving the supplies to consumers. The work performed by our construction team received recognition from the Client, who presented us with a letter of appreciation.”

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