In Kashkadarya region, Enter Engineering is actively working on the construction of a booster compressor station at the Arniez field. This is one of the company's new projects, implemented since 2022, and its necessity was due to the depletion of reservoir energy coming from low-pressure oil and gas wells during operation.

The project, the customer of which is IP LLC "SANEG", and the general contractor is Enter Engineering, provides for the construction of a complex of DCS structures with a capacity of up to 1.75 billion m3/year with an inlet pressure of 0.6 MPa from the house to an outlet pressure of 6.0 MPa from the house.

To date, the design carried out by UzLITI Engineering specialists has been completed by 76%. It includes the development of a basic project, a master plan, technological, architectural, construction and electrical parts, instrumentation and infrastructure facilities.

SRS are being actively conducted. The construction of auxiliary buildings and structures (residential blocks, a dining room, an office and an on-site warehouse) is coming to an end. The vertical layout is 70% complete. In general, the construction site has already completed excavation and concrete work on the arrangement of pits and foundations at the facilities of the station and the bases for technological equipment (substations, flare facilities, GPA-100 and 200 sites, RMM buildings, operator, checkpoint and a number of others). At the moment, 265 specialists and 45 units of various equipment are involved in the project.

Gas compression at the Arniez DCS will be carried out by centrifugal compressor units manufactured by Baker Hughes (Italy) with a capacity of 16 MW each, driven by a NOVA LT 16 GPA gas turbine engine (Italy). The units will have a hangar design, which will allow the operation of gas pumping equipment in difficult climatic conditions.

The implementation of this project, the completion of which is planned for the current year, will increase the daily production of hydrocarbons.