«Gazli» UGS: construction in full swing


In Bukhara region, the implementation of the project to increase gas storage capacity in «Gazli» UGS facility in conjunction with additional exploration and additional development of gas horizons and oil rims of the field is entering a decisive phase. It involves the design, delivery and construction of facilities on a «turnkey basis», which will eventually significantly increase the storage capacity. 

The customer of the project is «Gazli Gaz Storage» JV LLC, the contractor is Enter Engineering, which performs complex works under the EPC-contract, and the design is carried out by UzLITI Engineering. The purpose is to ensure the technological reliability and significantly increase the technical and economic efficiency of the operation of gas and oil reservoirs of «Gazli» field, increase the volume of storage and supply of natural gas. 

At the moment scheduled construction, installation and commissioning works are being carried out. In particular, the excavation works are 86% complete, concrete works are 90% complete, mounting of steel structures is 82% complete, and installation of technological pipelines is 85% complete, the installation of electrical and instrumentation systems is also in progress. The peak number of the company's employees has reached 1200 people, 70 units of construction and special equipment are involved.

The delivery of long lead cycle equipment continues. At the moment 45 units out of 60 planned have been delivered and assembled, moreover, 5 units are on the way and 10 more are in production. Together with the specialists of Siemens Energi the commissioning and start-up of the gas compressor units GCU-100 and GCU-200 is in progress. Decorating of the buildings and landscaping of the territory of BCS-6 has started.

Implementation of the project will increase opportunities to compensate seasonal irregularity of gas consumption by both the population and industrial enterprises. In addition, it is envisaged to send a significant volume of extracted raw materials to the domestic market of Uzbekistan, especially during the winter period.

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