Uzbekistan is a sunny land, where the glowing sun shines in a cloudless sky more than three hundred days a year. In such weather, one can easily get heat exhaustion or sunstroke. It is dangerous for everyone and sometimes requires first aid.

During training courses Mizrob Khakberdiev, a health care specialist, told us about how to protect ourselves from heat exhaustion or sunstroke, what should be done in a situation if someone became sick and what assistance could be provided before the medical personnel arrived. The event was held at the “Reconstruction and greenfield development of the Memorial Complex of Imam al-Bukhari with the on-site territory improvement in the Payaryk district of the Samarkand region” Project site.

First aid for sunstroke and heatstroke, in principle, does not differ. The main thing is the timeliness of its provision and compliance with the sequence of specific actions:

·remove the injured person from direct sunlight/heat and place in a supine position in the shade, or in a well-ventilated area;

·release from tight parts of clothing / accessories: belt, tie, etc.);

·if the injured person is conscious and able to swallow, provide him with increased fluid intake to compensate for the lack of water;

·if the injured person is unconscious - lay him down to avoid suffocation due to the tongue retraction or ingestion of vomit mass into the respiratory tract;

·if possible, cool down the body: use a cold sponge-down, wrap it in a wet cold towel or cover it with frozen package.

During the training, the participants realized that the main thing was not to remain indifferent and not to hope that someone else would help. First of all, not to panic, act clearly and call the doctors and rescuers as soon as possible. Let us remember that health care specialists are actively involved in each Enter Engineering’s project.