The Corporate Management of the HSE Department organized a contest for the best HSE office. Its goal is to further improve the efficiency of HSE management at the company's ongoing projects.

However, before proceeding with the contest description, we would like to briefly talk about HSE classrooms at construction sites and why they are needed.

The HSE classroom plays a significant role in ensuring the relevant requirements. What are its main goals and objectives? In fact, there are many. But the main “Golden” 5 ones are as follows:

- promoting and complying with occupational health and safety requirements;

- conducting drills and testing the employees’ knowledge on HSE;

- carrying out preventive measures to prevent work-related incidents and occupational diseases;

- promoting safe workplace practices and the use of collective and personal protective equipment;

- holding internal meetings between the HSE departments employees, partners and customers.

So, the conditions and procedure of the contest were briefly outlined in a special regulation and communicated to all HSE project departments through a general mailing and set deadlines.

Being active participants of the Company’s public life and having an incredible desire to win, applications for participation were submitted by such projects as “Samarkand Tourist Center”, “Upgrade of Fergana Oil Refinery Capacities”, “Boysun Gas Processing Plant”, “Copper Processing Plant MOF-3”, “UzGTL”, “Gazli UGS”, “Karakul Base”, “Dengizkul BCS”.

Among the estimated figures, there was absolutely everything that makes the HSE office ideal: technical facilities, the availability of all regulatory documentation and local regulations (LR) of the Company regarding labor protection, stands of various subjects, mannequins equipped with a set of PPEs. In a word, everything that is used daily in the labor activity of HSE specialist.

It took a long time the panel of judges to determine the three winners of the contest. The winners were:

- - I place - the project “Upgrade Fergana Oil Refinery Capacities” (TV set (SMART));

- II place - the project “Samarkand Tourist Center” (LED Portable Projector);

- III place - project “Copper Processing Plant MOF-3” (SONY educational theater system).

It is important to note that a panel of judges carefully studied all three classrooms, their technical equipment. And as prizes it was unanimously decided to choose just what the office was lacking for the full-fledged functioning.

In addition to valuable gifts, the winners received appreciation certificates for their active participation in the contest and promotion of labor protection in the company.

We thank all participants for their active battle and hope that next time they will definitely be among the winners!