The next event in the Company's activity related to the events on promoting the importance of the Occupational Health and Safety area.

On May 01, 2021, in Tashkent (Sergeli Base office), the next HSE seminar on "Improving Managers' HSE Knowledge and Culture" was held, which was arranged by the Company's HSE Department employees. The event was equated with the celebration of the World Day for Health and Safety at Work and was held as part of the Zero Accident (Vision 0) concept based on the 7 golden rules. Thus, the Company's HSE department carried out the 3rd stage of training, this time not only for managers, but also for employees of various levels who expressed willingness to participate and learn something new for themselves. The total number of seminar participants was 12 people.



The following four topics were presented in detail by the organizers of the seminar during one day:

  1. 1. Best practices in HSE management and the integral participation of managers in this process (Zero Accident concept implementation based on the 7 golden rules by the Company)
  2. 2. Corporate Integrated Management System for Occupational Health & Safety (CIMSOHS) – approach applied by the Company
  3. 3. Advanced Incident Investigation Techniques and Tools - Accident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis Method according to the SCAT programme (Systematic Cause Analysis Technique)
  4. Best Practices in Road Traffic Safety Management - “Defensive driving. Defensive space”

The main goal of the seminar was to improve the HSE culture among the Company managers and employees, to form at their level a proper attitude towards safety issues in general, and to directly involve them in the process of improving Occupational Health & Safety conditions at the Company's projects in which they are engaged.

A wide range of necessary theoretical and practical knowledge on all the above topics was presented to the attention of the seminar participants.

The topic "Corporate Integrated Management System for Occupational Health & Safety" (CIMSOHS) has triggered a lively discussion, where participants asked the organizers their urgent and pressing issues encountered during the implementation of Company projects, had the opportunity to speak up, share their views on how they should be solved on the spot and received appropriate answers from the organizers.



At the end of the event, which, according to both participants and organizers, was conducted in a fairly interactive and lively atmosphere, participants took tests on the topics covered, following which they will be issued commemorative certificates.