A set of civil and finishing works are presently underway by Enter Engineering Group of Companies to upgrade the building of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Construction of foundations and finishing of common areas and installation of indoor utilities have been completed.

The seven-floor Ministry of Energy building includes major occupancy rooms (common work spaces and offices), auxiliary rooms (conference halls, meeting rooms, visitors' reception areas, etc.) and service rooms (cloak rooms, tea rooms, a buffet, etc.).

A peculiar landscape, based on the principles of resource-saving technologies and environmental safety and compliance, is planned to be created within the area of the facility.

·      The 3rd-6th floors are scheduled to be commissioned by the end of this month.

·      The facility under construction and renovation will be located at: Istikbol Street, 21, Yashnabad district, Tashkent.

·      The total facility area is 552 m2.

·      Master Design company will develop the design of the building's facade, while Oil and Gas Design and leading specialists of N-Design Group will design the interior layout and finishing of the rooms.

It is worth pointing out that the renovation project of the administrative building of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Uzbekistan brought the company Private Studio "Master-Design" a winning II place in the XXIX International review-contest of the International Association of Unions of Architects (IAUA) in nomination "Town-planning complexes and ensembles".