Quality management system policy

Enter Engineering Pte. Ltd. is one of the recognized leaders in the oil and gas and industrial construction market in Central Asia and the Russian Federation.

The company specializes in construction of industrial and process facilities of diverse complexity. Using its long experience in the oil and gas industry, the Company implements EPC contracts and performs the full range of complex construction works on a “turnkey” basis.

The Company’s customers are such international companies as Lukoil, Transneft, Arctic Gas, Achimgaz, Severneftegazprom, Uzbekneftegaz, Uztransgaz and other oil and gas companies.

Mission: We value people and give them the opportunity to build a successful future.

Values: One team, respect, effectiveness, leadership, responsibility and safety.

Vision: Our future is to be a leader among companies operating in the field of civil engineering and industrial construction, including nuclear facilities.

Strategy: Creating a team of real professionals and like-minded team members.

Expanding the Company’s scope of operations in the field of industrial construction and civil engineering to strengthen its position, ensure its image growth and welfare gains.

Motto: We create future.

The Policy of the Company’s Quality Management System is aimed at fulfilling contractual obligations with continuous improvement of the quality of services provided in the fields of civil engineering and industrial construction, nuclear facilities, creation and strengthening of competitiveness and development of potential to increase the satisfaction of staff, customers and partners, and is based on the following fundamental principles:

  • the Customer’s reasonable requirements shall be met;
  • Quality begins with Vendors;
  • Quality is ensured at every workplace, at every phase of each contract execution;
  • experienced and highly qualified personnel promptly identify discrepancies and prevent the occurrence of such discrepancies at all phases of fulfillment of contractual obligations in order to reduce the risk of delivery of low-quality products or services to the Customer;
  • inconsistencies are identified not to punish the guilty persons, but to eliminate the causes of their occurrence;
  • management and personnel understand the priority of Quality in the Company’s activities and improve the Quality Management System.

To ensure effective implementation of the Quality Management System Policy, the Senior Management undertakes the following obligations:

  • improvement of the Company’s management system on the basis of modern management principles in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, taking into account the interests of customers, personnel and partners;
  • creating conditions for continuous improvement of the efficiency of the Company’s Quality Management System;
  • comprehensive involvement of personnel in the functioning of the Quality Management System;
  • planning and systematic implementation of activities to ensure the required Quality at all stages of operations;
  • clear allocation of personal responsibility of managers and workers for the work performed;
  • recruitment and employment of the qualified personnel as required under the job description;
  • development of culture of personnel safety;
  • development of an effective system of documenting the results of work and control;
  • effective financial, material and human resources management;
  • allocation of necessary resources for the implementation of this Policy;
  • in-house audits (inspections) for compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System as required under ISO 9001:2015 and assessment of its effectiveness;
  • analysis by the Company’s management of the Quality Assurance Policy implementation and its update.

The Company’s management is a leader in the implementation of this Policy, takes the responsibility for the implementation of the Policy, communicating it to the personnel, and undertakes to make constructive decisions based on reliable and objective realities.