HSE Policy

ENTER Engineering is proud of its positive reputation in matters of occupational health, safety and preventive measures to protect the environment.

The group of companies developed more than 60 regulations on labor protection and safety, established permanently-operating commission which carries out regular inspections of personnel’s knowledge in the field of occupational safety and health.

In its activities ENTER Engineering adheres to the following principles:

  • Strict adherence to health security and safety on a regular basis and under all circumstances.
  • Detailed planning and implementation of HSE actions in all permanent and temporary sites by maintaining plans and procedures of HSE.
  • Development of the so-called ‘culture of conducting works without a single incident and an accident’.
  • Monitoring, evaluation and continuous improvement of implementation of HSE measures and determination of required standards, trainings, evaluations and audits.
  • Full emergency vigilance and timely emergency response.
  • Minimization of negative impacts on the environment by means of prevention and control of emissions, rational management of natural resources and expedient waste management.
  • Open exchange of information with all stakeholders.
  • Ensuring the understanding of all policies by employees with the aim to meet the requirements of HSE programs.