Enter Engineering’s main priority is to respect the interests of customers, partners, employees, their families and society.

The Group ’s construction projects contribute to the regional socio-economic development increase overall employment levels. Enter strictly adheres to generally accepted legal and ethical standards of doing business.

Enter always cares about the quality of life throughout society. It regularly provides support to orphans and disabled children as part of its corporate social responsibility. Over the past few years, the Group has provided the following charitable activities:

  • construction of an orphanage in Boysun, Surkhandarya region;
  • renovation of an orphanage for children with disabilities in the city of Karshi;
  • construction of a bathing room in the Bukhara region, etc.

The Group also pays great attention to the development of sports in Uzbekistan. One of the most important areas of this work is the support of the professional hockey club “Humo” and sponsorship of the Nasaf football club, which plays in the country’s top league.


Particular attention is paid to the creation of comfortable social and living conditions for work and recreation of employees at project implementation sites, improving their health, and preventing morbidity.

To provide interesting and varied leisure activities for staff, competitions in football, tennis, swimming, chess and other sports are regularly held.

The Group supports all the initiatives of its employees aimed at developing friendly relations within the large Enter Engineering team.