Copper Concentration Plant 3 (MOF-3) for Almalyk mining and metallurgical complex (AGMK) in Tashkent region is still under active construction phase.

The Client for this major project is AGMK. The project will contribute to an overall increase in ore processing up to 160 million tonnes per year, which will allow increasing cathode copper output up to 400 ths. tonnes per year by 2028. A consortium of Enter Engineering and PAO Uralmashzavod act as the Contractor, whereas engineering companies WOOD and UzLITI Engineering perform the designing.

General construction and erection works are currently underway on the 196-hectare site. In particular, a total of 291 ths. cubic meters of concrete have been poured and 49 ths. tonnes of reinforcement installed so far. Drilling-and-blasting work amounted to 2.35 million cubic meters. Over 12.4 thousand personnel and 1.15 thousand heavy equipment and specialized vehicles such as bulldozers, mobile cranes, concrete mixers, heavy-duty dump trucks, excavators etc. are engaged on the construction site.

Moreover, on the premises of MOF-3 In-house Service Water Supply Facilities with the capacity of 23.5 ths. cubic meters and Tailings Facility intended for MOF-3 flotation tailings transportation and storage in the amount of 57.72 million tonnes per year are currently being constructed.

One of the key achievements is the completion of concrete works on the Crushed Ore Stockpile conveyor galleries and the wind walls (60 ths. cubic meters completed). Foundations for the main process equipment have been erected, preliminary preparations to commence installation activities in several production buildings completed, as well as a number of other tasks have also been fulfilled.
It should be noted that construction activities will ramp up in the short run.