If you know something that in your opinion may be violation of law, your rights and Enter Engineering values please inform us about this via Enter Engineering hotline.

Please inform us about the following cases

  • Corruption, bribery and illegal payments
  • Bookkeeping violations
  • Criminal activities and law infringement
  • Discrimination, harassment and abuse of power
  • Theft and fraud
  • Disclosure or illegal use of confidential information

Hotline principles

  • Confidentiality: all claims are confidential. You can also leave an anonymous message.
  • Integrity: no message will be left unanswered.
  • No counter-move guarantee: you are under company’s protection. The company will guarantee protection from counter-moves aimed at the citizens, who duly inform about the infringements.

Ways to inform

  1. Write an email to 
  2. Use website hotline form.
  3. Leave a letter in a special hotline mailboxes in all the company’s offices, warehouses and production sites
  4. Call +998 (78) 129-129-0
  5. Use Telergram bot @HotlineEE_bot