Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

Along with the world’s leading companies, Enter Engineering has closely monitored the spread of coronavirus in areas where the Group operates, and is setting an example in how to counter it. In line with its ESG values and responsibilities, Enter Engineering has strengthened hygiene controls at all its facilities.

Masks, medicines, hand sanitizers and disinfectants were purchased, temperature measurement points organized, and hand disinfection stations installed. Enter Engineering also organized a round-the-clock presence of medical personnel. The Group is taking all necessary measures to comply with legislation and best practice to provide safe working conditions.

Enter Engineering measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Enter Engineering has developed a plan for organizational, sanitary and anti-epidemic measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection. This has been implemented in all the Group’s projects:

  • At all checkpoints, access control has been strengthened, and modern thermal imagers installed to measure workers’ body temperatures.
  • To increase the immunity of workers and prevent disease, food with vitamin C is included in the diet.
  • Information materials in the form of banners in 3 languages (Uzbek, Russian and English) are posted throughout the territory of the sites.
  • Coronavirus training material is used to increase awareness of the virus and necessary precautions.
  • Medical centers of the Group’s projects are equipped with additional medicines.
  • Office premises, catering facilities and staff accommodation are disinfected regularly.