Corporate culture

ENTER Engineering being aware of its liability and responsibility to its shareholders and partners, works honestly and continuously to improve the quality and efficiency of the operating process.

Any management or operating decision made by ENTER Engineering includes social interests and meets the strict environmental standards of the areas where the Company’s projects are implemented.

ENTER Engineering is interested in building a cohesive team of employees based on respect, trust and cooperation.

The Company supports all the initiatives of its employees aimed at developing friendly relations within a large corporate team.

To ensure protection of labor, social and economic, intellectual rights and interests of the Company’s employees, as well as to create favorable conditions aimed at improving the living standards of employees and their families, a trade union organization has been operating in Enter Engineering since June 2019.

Concern for the welfare of the younger generation is the cornerstone to the prosperity of the nation and society. ENTER Engineering annually provides vouchers to children’s summer camps for employees’ children.

The Company devotes attention to Memory and Honor Day. ENTER Engineering annually organizes a gala concert to congratulate all piecekeeping soldiers working for the Company.

In June 2013, the ENTER Engineering football team was formed on the initiative of the company’s management and employees who are keen on football. As early as in September 2013 the team took part in its first official tournament — DI Sport MINI, the annual mini-football tournament among non-professionals, and in 2015 won silver medals at the DI Sport MINI 2015 tournament.

ENTER Engineering football team

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