Corporate culture

Being aware of its duty and responsibility towards its shareholders and partners ENTER Engineering is doing an honest work and trying to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of the production process.

At the same time by solving any administrative or production issues ENTER Engineering is taking into account the public interest and complies with strict environmental standards in the areas where the Group’s projects are implemented.

ENTER Engineering is interested in forming a cohesive team of employees, which is based on the principles of mutual respect, trust and reciprocal support.

The group supports all the initiatives of its employees aimed at developing friendly relations within its large corporate family.

In June 2013 at the initiative of the company’s management Group’s football team was formed. In September 2013 the team took part in its first official mini-football tournament among amateurs known as “DI Sport MINI” which is held on an annual basis. In 2015 the team won the silver medal at that very tournament.

ENTER Engineering football team

Accepting resumes

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