ENTER Engineering project team is capable of conducting high-quality and complex engineering:

  • Oil and gas transportation facilities (main oil and gas pipelines).
  • Gas preparation and processing facilities (process facilities).
  • Civil industrial facilities with infrastructure.

The Group applies engineering international standards such as ISO, IEC and ASTME while taking into account legislative norms of the countries where the company operates.

The Group uses an integrated software package for the design — from ideas to detailed design. In particular, it uses the technology of three-dimensional design (3D), which enables the development of facilities of any complexity.

PDMS Aveva software package allows to conduct the whole design cycle in one centralized spacing, which in return decreases the mistake rate in the works executed by related departments.

At the engineering stage accident risk assessment and safety precautions of the facility are carried out with the help of such programs as HAZOP, HAZID, SIL.