ENTER Engineering Group is capable of conducting a variety of construction and installation works of any complexity.

Construction of onshore process facilities:

  • Oil processing plants.
  • Gas processing plants.
  • Thermal power plants.
  • Solar plants.
  • Chemical plants.
  • Fertilizer production plants.
  • Pump stations.
  • Water treatment plants.
  • Booster Compressor Stations.
  • Complex and Preliminary Gas Treatment Plants with full field development and infrastructure (wells, well-pads, gas gathering units, etc.).
  • Gas Treatment Plants.

Construction and comprehensive repair:

  • Main gas, oil and condensate pipelines.
  • Wells.
  • Collectors.
  • Well pipelines.
  • Boiler stations.
  • Water pump stations.
  • Road of all categories.
  • Bridges, crossings.
  • High voltage power lines.
  • Transformer substations.
  • Fiber-optic communication line.

Civil facilities:

  • Construction of civil industrial facilities (office building, operational buildings, fire stations, security buildings, workshops, warehouses, etc.).
  • Construction of business centers.
  • Construction of residential buildings and camp bases.
  • Construction of rotational mobile communities.
  • Construction of hospitals and sport facilities.