PC 01/01 2013 — 31/12 2016

Development of Yuzhno-Russkoye oil&gas field



Project aim

Complex re-equipment and overhaul of Yuzhno—Russkoye oil&gas field. Facilities and industrial base construction.

Scope of work

Technial re-equipment of Yuzhno—Russkoye oil&gas field facilities. The project stipulates construction and re-equipment of gas treatment plant, construction of an industrial base with a warm parking area as well as many other smaller infrastructure objects, complex landscaping, renovation and replacement of existing equipment on a number of Yuzhno-russkoye Oil&Gas field facilities. The works include:

  • Yuzhno—Russkoye oil&gas field infrastructure development. Complex gas treatment plant. Compressor department No 1 (stage 2).
  • Industrial base construction. Production building with a warm parking area.
  • Technological and engineering communications and pipelines.
  • Installation of streaming equipment.
  • Erection of various storage faciliteis.
  • Construction of electrical substation.