EPCC 01/01 2014 — 20/12 2016

Development of 28 wells and construction of “Nothern Nishan” booster compressor station



Project aim

Construction of booster compressor station (BCS) with manufacturing capacity of 2 bcm by the end of 2020.

Scope of work

  • 17 wellheads development.
  • Construction of flowlines with pipe diameter of 168×10 mm, 108×8 mm and 45 km length.
  • Construction of collectors with diameter of 219×15—17 and 18.3 km length.
  • Construction of BCS site (4 gas pumping units units — 8MW, air cooling unit system, air-nytrogen compressor station, gas compression system and other).
  • Pig launcher, pig receiver, compressor unit construction.
  • Fiber optic and external HV lines construction.