Dynamic upgrade of Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex production capacity by Enter Engineering Pte. Ltd.

Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex, affiliated to Uzbekneftegaz, was commissioned in 2001 within Shurtan gas condensate field with an annual processing capacity of: feed gas — up to 4 bln. m3; natural gas for consumers — up to 3.5 bln. m3; pellets — above 125 ths. tons; liquefied gas — above 110 ths. tons; gas condensate — above 90 ths. tons and granulated sulfur — above 1 ths. tons. Polyethylene processing and production of pipes and fittings for gas pipelines with a capacity of 2.5 ths. tons per year have been arranged in 2006. Uzbekistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Turkey, China, Poland, Italy and a number of other countries are the main sales markets.

Subsequent to his visit to Kashkadarya region in February 2017 the President of Uzbekistan Sh.M. Mirziyoyev ordered to take necessary measures on the project financing, considering the strategic importance of the plant for the future of our country. Furthermore, to develop an equipment supply and stage by stage construction “road map” of the facility, as well as pay a special attention to the quality of construction work and the training of future specialists for the plant.

The project is aimed to ensure the further diversification of polymers production, to improve performance of Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex, increase the export capacity and reduce imports of raw materials by increasing the production output of high value domestic and foreign market-driven products.

OOO Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex entered into a turnkey contract (EPC contract) with Enter Engineering Pte. Ltd. Company, following the bidding results. Over 250 highly qualified specialists of Uzbekneftegaz, OOO Uzbekistan GTL, Huyndai Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd., McDermott and ENTER Engineering Pte. Ltd. companies were involved in project detailed design and development in Seoul, Hague and Tashkent. Consequently, Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex upgrade facilities project will be based on the use of the latest gas-chemical technologies from leading companies such as CB&I (USA) and Chevron Philips (USA).

The project provides the introduction of petrochemical complex for polymer production for 400,000 tons per year using natural gas as a feedstock and naphtha from the GTL plant. Process facilities consist of a naphtha cracking unit (NCU), a total hydrogenation unit (THU), a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) production unit and a polypropylene production unit to produce valuable ethylene and propylene from GTL naphtha with a high paraffin content, which will entail further diversification in the industry.

Investment project is financed by Uzbekneftegaz, own funds of the Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex and borrowed contract loans from leading international financial institutions and banks of China and Russian Federation.

To commence erection of polymer production complex, ENTER Engineering is currently completing preparatory works. In particular, ENTER Engineering jointly with the Turkish company “IKSA” performs site soil test PLT (Point Load Tester) works, preparation of the site using combined method of soil improvement by partial soil replacement and deep soil mixing (DSM — mechanical soil mixing with liquid cement mortar in place. This soil-cement mixture is used for foundation support).

Earth works are being completed (the overall workload is more than 2 million m3), sand and gravel mix (SGM) is being transported from the quarry, the industrial area facilities are under construction (office buildings, medical center, mechanical repair shop, a cargo parking lot, pipeline storage area, steel structures storage area, instrumentation warehouse and perimeter fencing, etc.).

About 900 people were mobilized under the project, more than 150 of them are project team representatives, more than 140 are construction workers, more than 200 drivers and mechanics, and subcontracting organizations — 216 and 162 specialists of Huyndai Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd. (South Korea) and GS (China) accordingly. At the construction peak, above 5 thousand skilled construction workers, engineers, various specialists and workers will be involved for the implementation, which will provide additional work positions in Kashkadarya region.

Above 200 special vehicles were mobilized for the project to meet the objectives (equipment and machinery for earthwork — 50 units, for lifting work — 4, freight vehicles — 129, special vehicles — 7, small-scale mechanization — 4, and 5 units of passenger vehicles and 7 — cars). Moreover, diesel power stations and air compressors are to be used under work progress.

Due to the Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex upgrade, the Republic of Uzbekistan will have another high-tech production, which provides an opportunity to achieve higher level of hydrocarbon processing and diversify production. Industry will contribute economic growth and the formation of a new generation of gas chemical industry professional staff in our country.