Mission and strategy

Company mission

We value people and give them the opportunity to build a successful future.

Company values

  • One Team
  • Respect
  • Effectiveness
  • Leadership
  • Responsibility for the result
  • Safety

Company vision

Our future is the leadership among companies operating in the field of industrial construction and civil engineering.

Company strategy

  • Creating a team of real professionals and like-minded team members.
  • Expanding the Company’s scope of operations in the field of industrial construction and civil engineering to strengthen its position, ensure its image growth and welfare gains.

Company objectives

  • Implementing construction activities without causing emergencies and adverse impacts on the environment.
  • Creating positive reputation of the Company in the international services market.
  • Improving the quality of the services provided.
  • Ensuring financial stability of the Company.
  • Ensuring maximum profitability of the projects being implemented.
  • Forecasting needs and demands of customers and readiness to meet them first among competing companies.
  • Creating better labor conditions and ensuring professional growth for its employees.

“Khauzak” field

(see Projects)