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Enter Engineering — the leader in the market of industrial construction in Central Asia and Russian Federation

Enter Engineering is one of the largest EPC contractors in the Uzbek market. It implements major construction and modernization projects in the oil and gas, chemical, energy and civil engineering industries.

The Group’s clients include international names such as:

  • Transneft,
  • Arktikgaz,
  • Achimgaz,
  • Severneftegazprom,
  • Uzbekneftegaz,
  • Uztransgaz,
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,
  • Hyundai Engineering,
  • Oltin Yol GTL,
  • Samarkand Touristic Center,
  • Natural Gas Stream,
  • Surhan Gas Chemical Operating Company,
  • Jizzakh Petroleum,
  • and other refineries.

Enter Engineering has all the resources to work in the fast-growing market of industrial and civil construction. It has a developed infrastructure, production bases in various regions of Uzbekistan, and a large fleet of its own specialized construction equipment.